Thursday, May 31, 2012


Do you find any similarity with this chart pattern......???

 Ummm looks quite similar

I think at least Facebokk should go to 31$. At that point we will have to study the next movement.

The break of a downtrend channell will give new energy to the stock, and maybe bulls could take control at take the stock to 34$.

As long as wee see new movements we can find other important levels for the stock.

Yesterday in my twitter I said: ""
"I think between 26.70 and 25 we could the ground. No good idea to find floors in the market,but this is what my fibos say."

As you could see in my chart that was the fist important level to follow.

Lets see in the next days.........

"Will the price is above 27, i will keep thinking some kind of rebound is possible".

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