Sunday, May 27, 2012


OIL...... The markets for Shorts need to lose 89?

I think that Oil is also going to lose 89 and 88, level in which there is the 61.8% retractment of Fibonacci.

I think is going to 81. In weekly charts the price have lose the short and the long moving average and the Macd has also a selling signal activated, and moving under 0.

Well see in the next weeks/months. Until price doesn´t move over 100, i will keep think in it´s time for short in oil.

At the market we are just traders, analyst so we have just to follow the market.

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  1. Now lets start a rebound, after we have seen the 81 today.

    I think we probably see lower prices later.

    I´m still bearish in the market, and also in Oil.