Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Contrarian Investment ......

Some times you have to be aware of this Bullish Covers.

The market it´s Bullish specially if there it´s not a closing price under the Key Level of 1540 on the Sp500 or 14.400 in Dow. 

We need both prices under those key levels to use it as confirmation of the trend revearsal.

After the move towards the 1540 in the SP500 the bulls fight back and in a fast move they move forward and try to break the 1600 level.

That´s the next level to consider, above 1600 we can have some more weeks of bull market, under 1540 weeks of bear market.

In between it just a fight of powers between the bulls and bears, and the smart thing to do it´s to sell in resistence and buy in Support zones. The rest of the move it´s just for professionals.

We have to be aware that this Bull Market it´s going end, in the near future, we have just to follow the differente signals and don´t  try to be fool and think we are going to see the 20.000 of the Dow in the next months.

We could see the Dow above 15.000 but i think there it´s quite low chances of see the 16.000 in the next decade.

Just take care and protect your money, that only depends in you, and never follow Bull News specially when the market it´s in All Time High.

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