Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sp500 - Bears vs Bulls ~ The big battle

The key moment for the SP500 have arrived.

Now it´s time for Bears to take control and make the SP500 go under the 1540-1550 Key Level or the Bulls have still some force to keep taking the price higher.

As previous analysis the price went north of 1570 but just after found the next big resistence in the 1580-1590 level.

After that the bear took control, and now it´s time to decide if the y wil break the support area in 1.540-1.550.

The red support line have hold the price but we need to see a close under the support line to think it´s completely broken.

In case the 1.540-1.550 it´s broken odds are in favour to see the 1.400 in next weeks/months.

Every movement inthe stock market have it´s reaction after a big action. So just this it´s the case, some corrrecction of the big move since December'12.

Maybe we will see some upside move if the 1.540-1550 it´s not broken, and in the next move it´s possible to break above the 1.600.

We always have to follow the market and don´t try to be right or wrong, and in case we are lost use the STOP LOSS.

"Its better to lose than to lose more".

Take care and be smart.

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