Friday, July 27, 2012

After some days, watching the bull and bears fighting, with small victory for Bulls, now, i still think that bears will win in the rest of the year.

The levels for control are clear. 13.000 in the upside and 12.400 in the low side. I think this is just a lateral movement slightly in the upside. But still lateral. The next big movement is more probable that it´s Down, but the market have the last word, and until it makes higher lows, just keep watching.

Now i will go for some weeks on holidays, with no need to watch the market. Maybe the market will move up or down, with no pressure, but i thing Autumn will be quite bearish. Apple have just show has the potencial of a down move, and will start one day.

Maybe i just to bearish, maybe the goverments, politicians, know much more of everything than me, but because for me my money it´s important i donĂ© believe in their words, and i only believe in my perspective and what the "tape" show me. To understand it, and know witch move its more probable that´s enough for me.

Be carefull, enjoy fun with family and friends, and only believe in your self, that´s who you have to be living every day with.

Take care