Thursday, March 31, 2016

If you think its a good time to go LONG, study this chart - DOW JONES

Some times it´s so easy to know when to be Bullish or when to be Bearish, that also gets really scary.... and you have to doubt about all know.

You can see the Negative Divergences in the RSI and how Earnings are going low, so you have to realize it´s not a good moment to Open Long positions. Even if you see the moving Averages 50 and 100 are close to cross each other, its another reference, that makes you be cautious.

So ........ it was a really Big Bull Market, but every market need gas and its running out of gas, maybe has run much longer than expected thanks to the Central Banks, but the Bubble its going to explode in the next months or YEARS ........... but it will.

The markets, the global economy and the World will have a really bad time in the next 4 - 7 just be careful outside, and just believe in yourself and not in any others people words.

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